Happy 3rd Year!

This past week (I think Sept 29) is the anniversary of my blog. I happy that I’ve been able to semi-keep this up from a long time now. I haven’t been the dedicated blogger, but I definitely try to post something every once in a while. If you are reading this, thanks for visiting! I have ideas for more posts in the future, but school will always come first.

I probably won’t be posting too much of my school work anymore. After a few talks on plagiarism and what possible consequences are I don’t want to risk any chances. I may understand plagiarism (I try to follow all the rules that I understand at least) and know that I am allowed to “publish” my work online, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. I’ll be trying to post more stories or thoughts that I have later.

Thanks for reading and come again, Exy.

Almost a Cliché

When I was little, I was always told that I was going to college. I never had a reason for myself that justified why I was going to do something like that. I’m ten, I just do whatever my parents tell me. It wasn’t till about middle school where I began to form some type of opinion or want of a college life. I like to learn and I wanted to find out more about the world. By then I could at least answer with what I wanted to major in. I didn’t know the “why,” but I knew it was the right thing to do. What should my goal be? Life is full of possibilities and middle wasn’t showing me enough to understand that simple fact. When I grow up, who should I be? That’s when I entered high school.

            High school was pretty important to me, everything was about how teachers, the students, or my family interacted with technology that ended up helping me think about my own future. The Internet has so many possibilities and I want to use them all. Through the people around me, I realized that tech can get in the way. I began to want to make tech easier, better, and less in the way. I decided that the best course in college for me is to accomplish just that. Obtaining an Information Systems degree is just one step in the process.

            I don’t have any specific event or special story that makes me choose my path. It’s more of an understanding of how the world works and what I’ve witnessed. I consider myself a tech enthusiast, I love technology and all forms of it. At the same time I consider myself to be someone that envisions the possibilities and potentials of future tech. Why not dream of a world like Star Trek or Halo? Obviously without the wars that plague the world, but the tech that allows for better space travel. I think such things would be great to have and I know that we can achieve such technology if only we work together.

            Clichés are clichés because the action or thought has been done over and over in storylines or movie plots and therefore becomes predictable. Sometimes being naïve can lead to such clichés and that’s been displayed in several movies, games, books, or television shows. Clichés have been looked down upon because they are no longer entertaining and tend to lead to predictable outcomes.

My story is almost a cliché. I said you might be naïve to bring about something cliché like. Well, in my story, I’m that naïve protagonist. I’m the guy that just wants that happy ending. Maybe it’s my personality or maybe it’s the morals my parents taught me. Maybe it’s all those Animes that I like to watch with happy endings and overly naïve main characters. Maybe it’s my way at paying the community back for how selfish I can be some times. No matter what the cause of my goal really is. I know that I’m here, I’m aimed at something and I’m not going to let it go.

Why isn’t my story such a cliché? It’s not going to easy and there isn’t going to be a musical time lapse that magically skips time and you somehow learn something (which would be nice, but not happening.) I’m not going to get everything handed to me, I’m going to have to work for it. I can’t easily predict my storyline either to find great opportunities. The future doesn’t have a perfectly set timeline that can easily predicted or remotely guessed. The weather is one example of hard to predict and if you’re in Ohio long enough you’ll really know what I mean. Clichés also have to mean that there are scenes that happen throughout time over and over, how many times can you find out that the bad guy is actually your father?

To answer the question behind this essay clearly, I’m attending The Ohio State University to study and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems so I can continue on my path of improving technology within the world. I think that technology can get in the way sometimes. The “easy” way should be easy; I shouldn’t have to get frustrated and go the long way around because the easy path doesn’t work. We can get distracted by our tech several times during the day and it hurts at the most pivotal moments. As the protagonist in my story, I have several goals that I want to fulfill in life. Am I afraid to dream big? No. I believe that I have the motivation and the determination to keep going when the going gets tuff. I believe that technology should work for us, not us working to get them to work.

Exy’s Note:

So, I wrote this… I don’t like it too much I think it could of been better, but I ran out of time… Oops. I’m still working on this time management stuff.

The First Day

To: Those that want to about college, friends that miss me, and to those that are afraid of new beginnings.

From: Seph, Myke

Dear Reader,

I’m glad you’ve come to this post. I want to tell you about my first day experience at college. As many of my friends and family know, I’m attending college at The Ohio State University (Lima specifically.) I moved in on Monday and today was my first official day of being a college student. It was interesting to say the least. I’ll start talking a little about my day.

So, I only have 6 classes this semester. One in which is Piano, then Math, History, Econ, and finally English. Out of all of these I’m liking my Piano teacher the most (I’m not ever saying anything bad about the teachers by the way) because of her “cheerleader” like attitude to learning. It’s very calming to have an excited (not too excited of course) teacher in class. I’m astonished by the fact my English teacher is from Poland. She’s pretty calm, nothing wrong there.

One of the many benefits of college is that you get to set up your class schedule with various times. Me being a non morning person put all of my classes before 2pm. Sounds bad right? I don’t think so. I’m usually awake by ten, I think I’ll be fine. What I need to do is find what to do during my two one hour breaks. Today is just the first day, I fully expect things will pick up. Real classes begin next week. [The café was alright, my hot chocolate experience was very poor.]

Now on to the good stuff. Many people think college is too expensive (in which it is,) or afraid of new people, or have trouble making new friends, or think it’s too hard. In some ways, all of those are true for someone. I have always been a fairly quiet person. [Unless I knew you enough.] I wasn’t sure how this “friend” thing was gonna go. I usually let people talk to me, being an outgoing introvert (I might explain that one day) I find parties and large social interaction annoying and busy. Give me four people and a coffee table and a decent board game. Now we’re talkin’. It’s only been three days and I’ve already talked to a decent amount of people. I think I’ll be good for the rest of the year and I won’t even have to meet new people. However, for those that are afraid of making friends. I just want to say it’ll happen. Generally people are friendly and freshman know they need friends. I want to tell those that are socially afraid that it’s okay. There are many nice people out there that be a good candidate for friends, but I challenge you to talk to people. Say hello, introduce yourself. You’ll get over that hump, by now people know people will make mistakes. It’s alright to make mistakes. Learn from them and improve yourself. One thing that is important to learn is when someone is being sarcastic. People that tend to be sarcastic don’t know they may hurt someone feelings. They don’t do it on purpose. Quiet people, relax. College isn’t easy, but doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. You receive all the benefits if you spend the effort.