So Long, New Beginnings

There are many things that I could sit here and describe what it’s like to start a blog just to eventually let it go. I’m not going to do that. This blog went though many changes and I think that it’s finally time to simply let it go. This little chunk of the Internet is going to shut down by the end of the year.

Why? It’s time for new beginnings, new things to explore. The goals of this blog when I started are not in-line with the goals I have now in life. As always, my writing was for me and not for the reader. Although I really enjoyed the fact people read what I posted, I felt trapped in certain expectations that don’t belong.

It’s been five years since I decided I should start writing, but it’s been five years of discovery on many aspects of my life. Five years of exploring what I should write about and form whom. What’s the conclusion of all this self-reflect? Well… There isn’t a conclusion. I don’t believe I’ll ever stop exploring the lands inside my head.

I am grateful to the people who have viewed this blog, my writing, and pages outside of WordPress. To those that have enjoyed my writing thus far, I have moved to a new blog. The focus and the goals of the new site are for improving my fiction writing. If you like to read, please stop by. I’m going to write, for me of course.

Thanks again, maybe I’ll rejoin the whole tech writing scene. For now, it’s about exploring the creative plane.

-Mykal Joseph Day